Let’s Hear What Justin Bieber Thinks About Kanye West, It’s Not Like Reality Can Get Worse

I have a complicated relationship with Kanye West. I mean, in reality I have no relationship with Kanye West, I’ve never met the dude. But Kanye is, in the simplest of terms, a rare combination of genius and idiot. He is inarguably a genius when it comes to music and also possibly shoes, but at the same time he’s not smart enough to realize he’s not actually all that intelligent or informed on anything else.

Oddly enough, I think Justin Bieber had some actual good insight into how we should handle Kanye being a brilliant musician and, by all indications, a pretty good guy in general, while he’s incoherently rambling about politics it’s clear he doesn’t understand. I mean, the guy didn’t know what a conservative was. How much of the dumb stuff he says do you think he actually understands?

“Our job is to love not to always agree! Love you Kanye!” Beiber said on an Instagram Story, and I think he’s right.

What has Kanye West ever done that showed him to be a person you should listen to when he talks about politics?

Okay, other than that. That was on point.

This is my last word on Kanye until he says something else stupid enough for me write an entire article making fun of him for it, so, I guess just until Monday. But at least when Kanye tweets a made-up Harriet Tubman quote and people point it out to him, he deletes the tweet a day later. We have potential Democratic presidential candidates who tweeted that s**t five years ago and never deleted it.

How is Kanye West, who has clearly only followed politics for about a week and a half, supposed to know this quote isn’t real? That man is a senator! Maybe someone text Cory Booker about how disappointed they are in him over this.

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Trump fucked your whore Mexican mon
Trump fucked your whore Mexican mon
3 years ago

how many more of your idols love Trump that you dont know about? Maybe part of your problem is you lied lies Hollywood I mean you have a fucking website that writes about it you douche

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