Superman Co-Star and Hollywood Hills Prowler Margot Kidder Dies at 69

Margot Kidder has been confirmed dead at the age of 69. According to TMZ, the cause of death is under investigation but police have ruled out foul play.

Kidder achieved stardom as Lois Lane in the Richard Donner Superman films opposite Christopher Reeves. She followed that role up by running around the Hollywood Hills covered in dirt and leaves because celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be, even though Margot Kidder was pretty cracked up.

Most people probably don’t know how Margot Kidder spent her last days, but I do; she spent them following Google alerts of people mentioning her name and chiding people for making offhanded jokes about the time she went totally banana-pants and was found hiding in someone’s bushes in Glendale hiding from imaginary attackers, presumably sent by Lex Luthor.

I know this because I made such a joke when I said I was glad Colin Farrell checked himself into rehab “before he relapses and goes all Margot Kidder in the Hollywood Hills.” Kidder saw this and commented:

For your stupid information, I was NOT on drugs or alcohol when I went crazy all those years ago in LA. I am manic depressive and was coming down from a serious manic episode. You are idiots. The mentally ill are human beings, just like you – surprise, surprise. We are simply missing. or have a surfeit of, certain neurotransmittors or neuroreceptors in our brains. If you don’t understand any of this, or any of the words I have used, you sleazy idiots, look the references up. Or are you all too stupid?
Margot Kidder

I assume that since we’re sleazy idiots, Kidder wasn’t a regular reader, and spent her time Googling her own name. I’m a little sad that Margot won’t be sitting down at her computer, typing “Margot Kidder” into a search engine and making sure everyone knows she’s crazy, not an evil druggie, whenever anyone makes a joke about her hobby of running around one of the world’s most exclusive zip codes looking like a homeless yeti.

But Margot is in God’s bushes now, and she will be missed.

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