Bank Sees This Anime Fan Twerking in His Pink Underwear and Fires Him

If you don’t know who Melonpan is, he’s a Swiss anime fan who has a decent-sized Twitter following for his somewhat eccentric behavior involving moe anime characters and figurines.

I mean, that’s not all that much weirder than the Sweedish Chef on The Muppet Show. I think he cooked and ate Bunson Honeydew once. That might have been a dream. But Gonzo was dating a chicken, there was some weird stuff going on there.

Moe is a Japanese term that, essentially, refers to attraction to anime characters, or as otaku usually refer to them, “2d girls”, and Melonpan has no problem expressing which 2d girls he finds moe on Twitter.

Otaku are the subject of this season’s best anime, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, so their culture and ways are becoming known to the rest of us. The characters in Wotakoi tend to keep their hobbies on the down-low, and they tend to be a little more… restrained than Melonpan, but he’s just enthusiastic.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because Melonpan was fired by DHL after like, one day of working there because they found out about his antics on Twitter.

Twitter translates that message as “Because of a storm of complaints, I was fired on the first day of joining DHL. I’m going to go back to UBS and try to apply for the part where the face is not known. I’m doing a lot of kinky gentleman like Lori, but I work hard!”

Melonpan has found himself the subject of several pieces about how weird he is, but he’s not going to let that keep him from doing the things he loves, which is mainly body pillows.

I mean, hey, if he’s happy, he’s happy. The dude obviously isn’t ashamed to be weird on the internet, so who am I to try and shame him? Is he really any weirder than the dudes (and ladies, let’s be real) posting thirsty replies to porn stars or the stars of Marvel movies? And I’d much rather spend time with this guy than some degenerate Olicity shipper.

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