Millenial Failson Michael Rotondo Evicted by Parents

Everyone has sort of been laughing at Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old who was evicted by his parents, with whom he’s been living for the past eight years. He must be a really poor house guest, because his parents went as far as taking him to court to have him evicted, which the judge granted.

Rotondo has come off like a bit of a buffoon, like when he said he should have a six month notice for eviction and telling a CBS affiliate “I would consider much of what they were doing to try to get me out as a tax,” which is the most weirdo libertarian thing I’ve ever heard. Rotondo told reporters he was planning to appeal the eviction.

Rotondo says he supports himself, buying his own food and paying his expenses aside from housing, but when asked what he actually does for a living he said “my business is my business,” which makes me think he’s probably some weirdo vaguely racist YouTuber who talks about Jordan Peterson a lot.

I do kind of want to be on his side because, let’s face it, this dude is not the only Millennial living with his parents because the job market is terrible even for the college educated. Union membership is at an all-time low, and housing is more expensive than other, in no small part due to AirBnB, which has been taking rental properties off the market and leading to skyrocketing rent and gentrification. The judge in Rotondo’s case suggested he use Airbnb to find a place to stay when he ordered Rotondo out of his parent’s home by June 1st.

But, in what is just more of the weird, Jordan Petersonesque libertarian nonsense I noted earlier, is reporting that Rotondo once sued Best Buy for gender discrimination because they made him work Saturdays.

According to federal court documents obtained by Heavy, Michael Rotondo once sued Best Buy.

The court documents say he alleged he was discriminated against due to his gender and wrote that he was “denied an accommodation, pressured” and was terminated. He alleged he was pressured to come to work on a holiday and was pressured to work Saturdays even though he claimed he was promised he would not have to work Saturdays “in perpetuity.” He wrote that he was denied the accommodation due to a court order, although he did not explain what he meant by that.

He later filed an amended complaint in federal court, writing, “I was qualified for the position…I was good with customers and I was a diligent worker. I was harassed with my parenting time with my son, by being scheduled unnecessarily on days that the Respondent knew I had parenting time with him.” He alleged this occurred in 2015 at a Best Buy store in Syracuse, New York.

He was upset that the store allegedly wouldn’t let him sell cell phones, court documents show.

So yeah, even though things do legitimately suck for Millennials because their Baby Boomer parents thought Ronald Reagan would be an awesome president despite him not knowing what year it was and having to be lead to meetings by a trail of jellybeans, Rotondo still sucks in a general way.

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4 years ago

Uh. Ronald Reagan? Try Barack Obama. The economy crashed in 2008, and didn’t start to actually recover until 2017. We’ve been through a lost decade, and many people’s lives have been destroyed. I don’t know what went on with this guy and his parents, but it would have to be pretty bad for them to be justified in treating their son this way. What I know for certain is that if he was not a white male, this would not be in the news, and people would not be cheering it and mocking him. If he was female, it probably… Read more »

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