Ryan Seacrest Wants Katy Perry’s Mom

In movies/television shows about movies/television shows, there’s always that scene where a person who is mic’d up forgets to turn his or her mic off and are caught saying something stupid. Or they don’t realize the camera is rolling and they say something stupid.

Hello, Ryan Seacrest.

Something stupid would have been an improvement over what he actually did, which was hit on Katy Perry’s mom and then Perry herself.

Perry notes that “We’re on,” trying to warn Seacrest that cameras are rolling and his mic is hot. He ignores this by saying, “Your mom’s pretty.” He then calls Perry pretty, but follows that up with, “You’re not a mom.” After Perry says, “Not yet,” Seacrest replies, “Do you want to talk about it?”


Neither party commented on the incident on Twitter, so I can only assume they are choosing to ignore it. You can ignore nothing on the internet. However, Seacrest did send this not so subtle tweet.

He’s not only after Perry’s mom, he’s after your mom as well.

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