Selena Gomez Knows She Looked Horrible at Met Gala 2018

Even with stylists and managers, huge stars can make errors in judgement too. Take Selena Gomez’s fashion at the latest Met Gala.

She came wearing a mismatched outfit designed by Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. Not having a degree in fashion criticism, bear with me. Up top she’s got some cheap-looking top matched with frilly curtain bottoms probably made from Coach leftover materials. This girl’s 25 but Vevers made her look 45. Why?

Embed from Getty Images

Twitter didn’t like her dress either.

But Twitter reserved most of their shade for her spray-on tan.

Embed from Getty Images

Her make-up artist went for the crispy look, it’s totally in this summer.

Selena realized that her look was not on point, so she posted to Instagram “Me when I saw my pictures from MET.”

It shows a video of her in her dress with her back to the camera, sprinting towards her ride.

That’s about the right reaction.

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