Shaquille O’Neal Has Four Rings and One Giant Diaper in Argument with Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal pretend to watch basketball on a nightly basis. Really, they just say the same things they’ve been saying for years until the other guy shuts up. Case in point, their recent argument over DeMar DeRozan getting benched.

What starts as Barkley making a point about DeRozan, the best player on the Raptors, getting benched in Game 3 turns into Shaq yelling about his Finals MVPs. Because that’s what this always turns into.

Whenever things breakdown on Inside the NBA and get heated between Shaq and Barkley, Shaq is quick to mention how many rings he has. The answer is four, for those that don’t know. Meanwhile, Barkley has no ammunition to return fire because he has zero rings. Rings aren’t everything in the NBA. They’ve become the only thing.

In an ironic statement, Shaq screams about Barkley being babied and how coaches have to stop babying players. All while acting like a baby.

As Barkley says, “Just because you loud, doesn’t make you right.” Unfortunately for Chuck, no one cares who is right nowadays. They only listen to the loudest. And in this argument, Shaq was the loudest.

Tune in to the next episode of Inside the NBA when Shaq brings all four rings and his three Finals MVPs to the set and places them right in front of Barkley.

This is what happens when someone generic white guy tries to fill in for Ernie Johnson.

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