Snoop Dogg Made an Assload of Gin and Juice

If I told you Snoop Dogg just broke a Guinness World Record, your first guess would be “Largest Blunt.” You’d be wrong. Your second guess would probably be “Largest Gin and Juice.” You’d be correct.


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Gin and juice world record.

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You’d have to roll down the street for days to finish the whole thing if you’re only sippin’ on it. Luckily, Snoop has enough money to occupy his mind during the entire ride.

This is what happens when you’re at the level of Snoop Dogg. You can host game shows on TBS, do cooking shows with Martha Stewart, and make the world’s largest cocktail in order to put yourself into the Guinness Book of World Records.

May we all hope to achieve the level of Snoopness the Doggfather has reached in his life.

I just want to know who ended up drinking it. Wasting it would be the biggest party foul of all-time.

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