The Weeknd Threw Away Album of Happiness After Selena Gomez Threw Away His Heart

Fans who disliked The Weeknd’s My Dear Melancholy album and wanted something less sad can blame Selena Gomez. Not that we weren’t blaming her before.

In a new interview with TIME, The Weeknd said he had an entire album written prior to Melancholy, but threw out the project when Gomez left him for Justin Bieber.

I ask if that album, presumably recorded while he was still with Gomez, was more upbeat. “Yeah,” he says. “It was very upbeat—it was beautiful.”

He also insists that no one will ever hear the tracks, presumably because he’s given them to Martin Shkreli.

There was no shortage of Gomez mentions on My Dear Melancholy, although he did find some positivity when singing about ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.

In the interview, he also mentions that he is single, although recent reports suggest otherwise.

Guess we’ll have to wait until his next album to find out the truth.

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