Woman Who Sent Man 65,000 Text Messages After First Date May Have Come on a Little Strong

Most people, at one point or another in their lives, have worried about being a little too clingy in a relationship. I know I have, in large part due to the fact that I tend to date emotionally unavailable women with a fear of commitment. I don’t know why that is, but that’s basically the way things have worked out. But regardless of how clingy you may have gotten, you’ve got nothing on Jacqueline Ades.

USA Today reports that Jacqueline met a dude on a blind date and he wasn’t into it, but she believed she was in love with him. So she did what anyone would do in the face of rejection, she moved on and tried to meet someone new. Nah, just kidding, fam, she sent him tens of thousands of texts saying things like she wanted to bathe in his blood and calling herself the new Hitler. I have a feeling if Ronald Reagan was still alive, she may have tried to shoot him.

Court documents say the man called police last month when surveillance footage showed Ades in his home while he was out of the country.

Paradise Valley police arrested Ades after finding her taking a bath in the home on April 8. At that time, police also found a large butcher knife on the passenger seat of her car, the court documents added.

That’s a normal thing to do, just go into someone’s house with a butcher knife and have a bath while they’re not home. Why wouldn’t Jodie Foster notice you after that?

The most baffling thing here is that she seems to think this is all normal behavior, that she and the dude she’s stalking will just laugh about it with their kids some day.

“I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine,” Ades told reporters.

Ades is suspected of sending the man around 65,000 text messages and sometimes 500 in a single day, court documents show.

When a reporter asked whether Ades recognized that sending thousands of text messages seemed threatening, Ades responded that love is “not perfect,” KPHO-TV reported.

“I love him,” she said.

Yeah, and I love Red Dead Redemption, but I know that Red Dead Redemption sometimes needs space to do its own thing. And maybe Red Dead Redemption isn’t all that into certain things, so maybe I should try playing Dragon Quest instead of sendingĀ Red Dead Redemption 65,000 text messages.

I’m guessing that while Jacqueline Ades is in prison, she’ll be able to move on and get back to her first love, asking Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland when new episodes of Rick and Morty are going to air. When she gets out of prison, she should try dating a lesbian; in that community sending 65,000 texts after a first date is considered playing hard to get.

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