About That Woman Who Got Eaten by a 23-foot Python

By now you’ve heard of 54-year-old Indonesian Wa Tiba who was swallowed whole by a 23-foot reticulated python while checking on her corn.

A 100 person search started when she didn’t come home. That’s where they found the big ass snake with a swollen belly. Naturally, they killed the python and cut it open where they found Wa Tiba’s body still intact. And because your nightmares wouldn’t be complete with some visuals, here’s the video of them cutting the snake open.

Remind me to never go to Indonesia and if I do, remind me to just attach 2 machetes to my hands so when I flail uncontrollably like a girl when I’m being attacked by an assassin from the jungle, I might accidentally kill it. And not just with my girlish shrieking.

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