Alyssa Milano Is Going to Foster Immigrant Children Taken From Their Parents

One of the biggest talking points from conservatives who approve of Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy that has had the side effect of tearing minor children away from their parents and putting them into cages and camps has been “Well, if you care so much about these kids, why don’t you take them in?” This argument makes sense in their minds because they’re actually afraid of children who speak Spanish for some reason (hint: the reason is racism).

Well, Trump critic Alyssa Milano is doing exactly that, which should shut people up for… I don’t know, ten seconds until they start saying something about MS-13. The New York Post obtained a copy of a letter Milano sent to Cayuga Centers, a New York foster care agency that has taken in some of the children of asylum seekers who were forcefully separated from their parents.

“Based on New York City news reports detailing a covert, dark-of-night transport of children it appears your organization has stepped up to temporarily care for these poor souls. I, along with others — while fervently against the White House policy that put these children in your care — acknowledge your efforts,” wrote Milano, 45.

“With this, I write to offer my assistance. Like many people touched by this tragedy, I have thought about ways I can help,” she added. “As a mother, I know that children need to be reunited with their parents in the United States more than anything.”

Milano went on to offer to temporarily house some of these children until they can be reunited with their parents, and to help them petition to stay in the country. She ended her letter with “Mi casa es la casa de ellos,” Spanish for my home is their home. It’s a really nice gesture as long as she doesn’t invite Tony Danza over to entertain them; those poor kids have suffered enough.

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james mcneil
james mcneil
5 years ago

drop off all them off at her house