Ariana Grande Wants to Be Mrs. Pete Davidson Before 2019, But Friends Are Worried

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been dating for like a month and they are already engaged. Naturally, friends remain skeptical. But Ariana is ready to become Mrs. Pete Davidson by the end of the year. Hey, why let everything we know about quick celebrity marriages get in the way of true love?

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Grande may have been blinded by love when making this decision.

“Ariana gets so excited about an idea and so set on making it happen that she doesn’t always think it through. We of course want her to be happy, but this was a very quick lifetime decision. It’s a little worrisome and we fear it was so spontaneous it might not last. One thing is for sure, Peter does look very much in love, and while they are young, they are certainly old enough to make this decision on their own.

“They are both so passionate and swing back and forth from strong, loving moments to heated arguments … Peter is the sweetest person in the world and he is just dealing with a lot psychological challenges,” the source claims. “Ariana feels right now she can relate to his pain and that they have connected on many levels.”

Davidson has been open about his struggles with bipolar disorder. It can’t be easy being funnier than Colin Jost and getting 1/10th the air time.

Another source told The Sun that the two have no plans to drag out their engagement.

“They’re so in love and in a mad rush to get married. She wants to be married by the end of the year – maybe even October or November, depending on her touring schedule.They want to do it as soon as possible and they’re already planning the big day.”

Grande isn’t currently on tour and has no tour scheduled. That will change once her album Sweetner comes out in August.

A third source (or maybe the same source as above?) told ET that Grande has been planning her wedding for nearly a decade.

“Ariana has talked about marriage since she was 15. During her teen years, she was always very dreamy about a wedding and she used to call friends and talk about one day having that one special person. Ariana also spoke about a winter wedding, which seemed a little cold, but she loves the idea of a winter wonderland-type scene. We used to laugh about her fun ideas of a snowy wedding day.”

Bet she dreams of living with a white picket fence as well.

If any celebrity couple can beat the odds, it’s two 24-year-olds that just got out of separate long-term relationships and found each other a week later.

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