Clarinet Player’s Girlfriend Deleted His Scholarship Offers to Music School So He Wouldn’t Move Away

Dear people in a relationship. Don’t ever share your passwords.

Eric Abramovitz found this out the hard way. Heralded as one of the top clarinet players in the world, Abramovitz was set to learn under the tutelage of Yehuda Gilad. Gilad is widely considered one of the best clarinet teachers in the world. He performed in front of Gilad and was offered a scholarship to the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles.

Gilad sent him an email giving him the good news. Unfortunately, he never got the email.

Abramovitz’s girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lee, saw the email before he did. Fearing that her clarinet rock star would leave her for Kenny G’s leftovers in Los Angeles, she deleted the email. She took it a step further by creating a fake email under Gilad’s name. Through that account, she sent a message to Abramovitz saying he got into USC, but only on a $5,000 scholarship. $5,000 for college in Los Angeles lasts you about two hours.

Abramovitz stayed at McGill University to finish his studies. He eventually made his way to USC to study under Gilad. During their time together, he was asked why he turned down the scholarship. Confused, Abramoivtz launched an investigation that led him to discover the plot of his ex-girlfriend.

Not only did she keep him from a major scholarship at Colburn Conservatory, but she pulled a similar move to keep him from Juilliard. That’s just true love.

He sued Lee for damages for loss of educational opportunity, reputation, and two years of potential income and was awarded $300,000 Canadian. Lee didn’t show up for the trial and her whereabouts are unknown. So dude may not get that money anyway.

Maybe this will lead to more good news via phone call and not by email.

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