Donald Trump Graciously Offers to Pardon Muhammad Ali Who Wasn’t Convicted of Anything

Donald Trump loves black people. He loves them so much that he’s going to pardon them for crimes they didn’t commit.

Muhammad Ali dodged the Vietnam draft by declaring himself a conscientious objector. He was convicted in 1967, but four years later, a jury voted unanimously to overturn his conviction. This is a very important fact.

A fact that Trump is either not aware of or doesn’t understand how it works. Don’t rule out either. Trump still believes Ali has a criminal record and he wants to pardon him. Remember, Ali has no criminal record.

Ron Tweel, Ali’s attorney, appreciated the sentiment. But tried to let the President know that he’s pardoning a free man.

Trump is going to take this as Ali, who passed away in 2016, turning down his offer and go on an epic Twitter rampage.

The attempt to pardon comes shortly after Trump went on a pardoning spree, freeing the likes of Martha Stewart and other Apprentice guests from their criminal pasts.

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6 years ago

There’s a typo in the title Jeremy.