Drake Confirms He’s in the Running for ‘Worst Father of the Year’

After being buried by Pusha T’s “Story of Adidon,” Drake rose from the dead with the release of Scorpion on Friday. The double album didn’t feature any direct shot at Pusha T, but did confirm his child with former porn star Sophie Brussaux.

It took him until track four before addressing the rumor. On “Emotionless” he raps:

I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world
I was hiding the world from my kid
From empty souls who just wake up and looked to debate
Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate

A very fair point to make. But does he make this point if he’s never called out by Pusha? Probably not.

There are passing mentions of his son on “8 Out of 10” and “Finesse.” It isn’t until the final track on the album, “March 14,” that he becomes Drake and starts pouring his heart out.

Yesterday morning was crazy
I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe
That s**t is in stone, sealed and signed
She not my lover like Billie Jean but the kid is mine

Poor wordplay aside, Drake confirms he took a paternity test and that the kid is his. Maury not needed.

I’m out here on front lines just making sure I see him sometimes
It’s breaking my spirit
Single father, I hate when I hear it
I used to challenge my parents on every album
Now I’m embarrassed to tell them I ended up as a co-parent
Always promised the family unit
I wanted it to be different because I’ve been through it

Drake has always been in his feelings over his parents not having a perfect relationship. Now, he’s in the same boat. I don’t know if karma exists, but this is a good case study.

I got an empty crib in my empty crib
I only met you one time, introduced you to Saint Nick
I think he must’ve brought you like twenty gifts
Your mother say you growing so fast that they don’t even really fit
But you know, I still had to get it for my boy though, you know

Drake claims that he wants to be a responsible parent, then admits to only seeing his kid once since his birth. Ummmm. Good job, Dad. You bought him 20 gifts because you’re rich and it was just a bunch of clothes that don’t even fit anymore. Go be a parent and stop hanging out with fat ass models. Drake goes on to say that he and Brussaux aren’t on good terms. Finally, he ends with this gem.

I’m changing from boy to a man
I’m all alone
No one to cry on
I need shelter from the rain
To ease the pain

Yeah, make it all about yourself. I hope he scrubs this track from the internet before his son is old enough to hear it. Because it’s going to cost Drake millions in therapy.

And he still didn’t respond to Pusha T.

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