Hero Yells ‘F**k You!’ at President Donald Trump in the Capitol

Some congressional intern is about to get fired. In the videos below, you can hear a woman shout “Mr. President, F**K YOU!” as Donald Trump walks through the Capitol.

Fox News claims that the President had not yet walked through the rotunda where the woman shouted, which means he 100 percent heard this woman.

My favorite part is the dude who looks behind him and does nothing and the cop who can’t be bothered to move.

Trump was walking to the office of Paul Ryan, where the two would further discuss how to keep immigrant children from their parents.

This lady went to Trump’s home turf and yelled “F**k you!” without any fear of the consequences. Not all heroes wear capes.

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4 years ago

The Capitol rotunda is by no means the President’s home turf. But this is still great.

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