It’s Totally Normal For The President of the United States to be in a Twitter War With a Restaurant

At the end of last week Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted about how she was asked to leave The Red Hen, a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, because she’s a terrible person who lies for an asshole and propped up a border policy which had the practical effect of putting children in cages. I know, it’s shocking, but people weren’t down for that whole “we’re building a jail for babies because you won’t let us build a wall on the border” thing.

Of course, Donald Trump responded to this with all the dignity and gravitas you’d expect from the President of the United States. I’m just kidding, he actually sent a barely-literate tweet about how the restaurant needs a paint job.

Sometimes I just sit back and think “Wow, this guy is actually the President. That is a thing that really happened, it’s not just a bad dream I was having.”

But the one thing that Trump and all these other high-ranking operatives really hate is being shut out of high society and celebrity culture. You can tell that the fact that all the celebrities who loved Obama hate him really chaps his orange ass. Trump has always been obsessed with status and the fact that he’s still not invited to the parties he want to go to appears to be killing him.

In case you might have thought this was a principled stance, Trump appeared to be celebrating a Supreme Court ruling earlier this month that allowed a baker to discriminate against a gay couple and refuse them service, so it’s only people they like that you’re not supposed to kick out of your place of business.

Perhaps the most amusing thing to come out of this is all the people who are Very Mad Online at The Red Hen in Washington D.C., a restaurant entirely unaffiliated with the establishment that threw Sarah Sanders out. The two establishments happen to have the same name, and Trump supporters just can’t seem to understand that they’re different places with different owners.

Look at that, even after having it explained that the two Red Hens are in no way related, this person who probably believed that whole Pizzagate thing is still unconvinced.

Seriously, he keeps saying because they have the same name they’re the same restaurant.

Of course, at least one Democrat wouldn’t take “Washington D.C. law prohibits us from refusing service to someone on the basis of political affiliation” for an answer.

At a certain point the the Red Hen DC just got sassy with some of the more… colorful accounts.

Hang tight, Red Hen social media guy. You might get promoted to Wendy’s social media guy after this.

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