Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Want to Get Married for Attention

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are making marriage plans. Guess they wanted all the attention Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are currently getting.

A source told In Touch that the two are definitely serious and this is not a publicity stunt at all.

“It finally registered that Hailey is what he’s wanted in a partner all along,” an insider tells In Touch. “Justin has always run back to Hailey.”

“He’s desperate to start a family,” says the insider. “All he talks about is getting married and having kids. Hailey is only 21 years old but she says she would love to have Justin’s baby — she’s been in love with him for years.” As for Justin’s on-off relationship with Selena Gomez? “It’s a distant memory. Justin loves Hailey.”

Bieber and Baldwin re-connected weeks ago after Bieber and Gomez broke up for the 57th time. This seems a little sudden, but no one ever accused Bieber of being the most rational person in the world.

The two were most recently spotted on the set of a top secret music video featuring DJ Khaled.

After dating for over a year and splitting in 2016, Bieber and Baldwin lost touch. The Canadian singer pissed off everyone in the world, found God, and re-kindled his relationship with Gomez.

Meanwhile, Baldwin was posting pictures on Instagram.

But they’ve been dating again for a couple of weeks, so naturally they are ready to get married. At least now we know why Shawn Mendes, rumored to be dating Baldwin as of last month, wants to smell Justin’s underwear.

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