Kim Kardashian Is Done With Selfies… Hahahaha

Kim Kardashian is no longer in the selfie business.

In a new interview with The Morning UK, Kardashian said she doesn’t have time to take selfies anymore.

“I just, like, kind of moved on, it’s not all about sitting there and taking selfies. I just would like to live in real time a little more.”

While Mrs. West may claim to be done with selfies, her Snapchat and Instagram beg to differ.

She even posted how to take the perfect selfie on Thursday, which happened to be #NationalSelfieDay.

For a woman who released a book of personal selfies (yes, this is a real thing that exists) and claimed to take the first selfie ever in 1984 when she was 4, it’s tough to believe she can just quit selfies cold turkey.

She’s going to need at least a year in selfie rehab. That’s how bad her addiction is.

Then again, who needs to take a selfie when you have a makeup team and photog on call at all times?

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