Kylie Jenner Won’t Bare All on Instagram

In a historic move, Kylie Jenner will not parade her daughter around on Instagram. Anymore. For now.

You may notice that Stormi Jenner’s face is not shown in the photo. Nor is she shown in any other photo on Jenner’s Instagram anymore. The new mom wrote in the comments, “Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

There used to be photos of Stormi, and there still are because nothing dies on the Internet, but for now, she’s keeping her private life private. Until E! ponies up millions, of course.

Jenner went into social media hiding during her pregnancy and shortly after giving birth for the sake of her health. She still found time to push her makeup line, because true beauty never rests. If that’s not a Kardashian slogan, it soon will be.

She’s back to being herself on Instagram, which means posting photos like this.

And this.

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