LeBron James Allegedly Slept with Beyonce

Some dude named Lambo is trying to sell a book that exposes LeBron James and his family. He’s “famous” for dating James’ mother and now he’s got all the secrets. His first bombshell? James has a secret love child with Atlanta reporter Sharon Reed.

Dude just listened to the “The Story of Adidon” by Pusha T and thought he was original.

But his next scoop is the real bombshell. Lambo claims that LeBron didn’t attend the wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z because Beyonce and LeBron were doing it on the side.

If this were true, Beyonce would have said so on Lemonade because she was spilling all the tea on that album.

Based on the amount of people he tagged in those posts (seriously, what does Cardi B have to do with any of this?), I’m going to guess that Lambo is desperate for some attention. Congratulations, dude named after a car, the Internet has given you some attention.

Tell me where LeBron is signing this summer. Then I’ll buy your book.

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