Lil Kim Is Big Broke

Lil Kim has lil money.

The rapper has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, owing $4 million to creditors. She’s offered to sell her New Jersey mansion, worth $2.3 million, to pay back the debt. According to court documents, Kim’s average monthly income is $18,286 with expenses totaling $12,784.

That still leaves her with $5,000 a month. I’d kill to have that kind of money leftover.

Kim owes $2 million to a loan company relating to her home and $1.4 million in unpaid taxes.

Queen Bee Entertainment makes roughly $43,000 a month with expenses adding up to $25,000. Kim claims that her three entertainment companies are worth $150,000. Her income has dropped significantly over the years. She made $398k in 2017 and $823,659 in 2016. She’s made $90,678 thus far in 2018.

Kim proposed a plan where she would pay $5,500 to her creditors for the next 60 months. That plan was rejected. Her home is expected to go up for auction at the end of the month.

In some good news for Kim, she released a music video for “Spicy” featuring Fabolous.

The video is up to 200,000 views in 24 hours. If she worked out a deal to get $1 per view, maybe she’d be out of debt by 2020.

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