Lil’ Tay Has Left Social Media, The Only Place to See Her Videos Now Is the Movie Theater in Hell

Lil’ Tay, the 9-year-old instabrat famous for throwing prop money around and bragging about owning homes her real estate agent mother was selling has closed all her social media accounts, and now you can only watch her “flex” in your nightmares.

Personally, I’m hoping Child Protective Services got involved here. Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video of Lil’ Tay being coached. She does not look happy. She looks like she’s about ready to cry.

Someone posted a video to Worldstar of her smoking a hookah. Keep in mind she’s actually nine, and her mother and brother are watching her do this stuff.

Also, for some reason, she’s hanging out with Whoa Vicky, and she was there when Danielle Bregoli punched her.

If you watch that video, just like the video where her brother is telling her what to say and to act “more ignorant,” you can see her drop the kayfabe for a second and look really upset. Sure, she’s calling Bregoli a bitch or whatever, but when she turns around she looks like she’s ready to cry, because being in a the middle of a fistfight between high school students is scary when you’re nine.

Tay was on Good Morning America a few months ago where Juju Chang also got her to let her guard down and talk like the person she is instead of who she pretends to be on social media.

Well, a few times she acts like herself. The part where she says she’s a Harvard drop-out and Juju Chang asks her what city Harvard is in is priceless. She claims she forgot because it’s been so long since she’s been there.

Look, I get it’s funny when little kids swear. There was even an episode of Modern Family about it. But now that Lil’ Tay’s social media is gone, maybe she can be a normal little kid. When I was nine I was playing with Ninja Turtles toys, not hanging out with Jake Paul, and I can say that the Ninja Turtles are objectively better. Can we send Tay just like, a shitload of Polly Pockets or something?

Unfortunately, her brother seems determined to bring her back into the internet spotlight.

God help us all.

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