Mexico’s National Soccer Team Prefers Prostitutes to the World Cup

Mexico knows they have no shot at winning the World Cup. In the last six World Cups, they’ve never made it past the round of 16. They open against Germany, the defending World Cup champions. They might make it out of the group stage, but they’ll be bounced in the first round of knockouts once again.

Knowing all this, they decided to get the most out of they World Cup experience.

According to The Sun, following a 1-0 victory over Scotland, the Mexican national team partied for 24 hours. This included 30 “VIP” prostitutes/escorts.

They were given the day off after their victory and they made sure to take advantage of it.

A source said, “They arrived at the house in Las Lomas around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday and had a great time with music, drinks, games and women. They had the night off, without their wives and girlfriends.”

There are only 23 players on the team. Let’s say half have wives/girlfriends. We all know that no athlete would ever cheat on their wife/girlfriend. That leaves 12.5 players and 30 escorts. I’d say the odds were ever in their favor.

Mexico may not hold a trophy in a month, but they’ve already won the World Cup.

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