Millie Bobby Brown Leaves Twitter After ‘Homophobic Millie Bobbie Brown’ Meme Goes Viral

Gay Twitter is normally pretty indecipherable, but during Pride Month it reaches a whole new level of hard to follow. And the newest weird thing to come out of Gay Twitter is the “Homophobic Millie Bobbie Brown” meme, which is exactly what it sounds like. It apparently started with this blonde lady trying to claim Brown was Islamaphobic and ripped her hijab off.

From there, people started telling other obviously untrue stories about her, and it morphed into Millie Bobby Brown being homophobic and spelling her middle name ‘Bobbie’, which I assume is intentional so people don’t see it when searching for Millie Bobby Brown. Or it’s just another Poot Lovato thing.

This next tweet combines the “just because your child is smiling at their phone” meme with the Millie Bobbie Brown is homophobic meme to great effect.

Millie Bobby Brown deactivated her Twitter, apparently in response to the meme, or maybe people who didn’t know it was a joke were harassing her, I don’t know. Maybe her boyfriend was creeping on other girls again. But even that was part of the meme for some people.

Honestly, I don’t really get it the joke. Brown is just a really weird choice for this because I haven’t heard say anything about gay people or really anything other than Stranger Things. Maybe it’s just me, but I would find this funnier attributed to someone really famously and flamboyantly gay. Like, homophobic Liberace or homophobic Tom Cruise would be funnier to me. Or maybe a tiny baby who clearly hasn’t said anything, like homophobic Stormy Jenner would be funny.

What is funny to me is the overblown anger at people and their dumb meme. Anyone losing their s**t and going “How could you do this to her, she’s just a teenager! This is sick, it’s worse than anything that’s ever happened!” is way funnier than the actual Homophobic Millie Bobbie Brown memes. Hey, I think I understand the appeal of trolling now.

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