Neri Oxman Left Brad Pitt for Someone Smarter and Better at Tennis

Do a dance if you saw this coming: Brad Pitt and MIT professor Neri Oxman have called it quits.

Page Six is reporting that Oxman has already moved on to billionaire investor Bill Ackman. Ackman and Oxman were seen in France packing on PDA at some tennis tournament for rich people, which is pretty redundant because every tennis tournament is for rich people.

A source said, “Brad Pitt would have to step up his tennis game and educational degrees to compete with Ackman for this super impressive and highly-intellectual woman.”

I’m sure Brad is cool getting by on his looks and sleeping with the millions of other women he can have.

Pitt and Oxman made headlines in April when he began dating Oxman. The relationship came out of nowhere because she’s an MIT professor who is probably going to cure AIDS and he’s the guy who would have AIDS in the Neri Oxman biopic. Pitt was obviously in over his head at the time, but we let him have his fun because dude had two failed marriages.

Stay in your lane, Brad. You know, Olivia Culpo is single again.

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