Paris Jackson Cleans Not Her Father’s Star on the Walk of Fame

Someone defaced Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Paris Jackson was the one who had to clean it up, for some reason.

This lead TINGS Magazine Editor-in-Chief Vas J Morgan to give a really overblown comment on Twitter about how Paris is an American hero for cleaning up some spray paint. This did lead Paris to explain the situation, which is that it was outside her friend’s place so she just went to Walgreen’s and bought some paint thinner.

I’ve been left wondering why anyone would want to deface the star of Michael Jackson. I mean, what did he ever do that would make anyone dislike him? Oh, wait, I remember now. It’s that song “Heal the World,” isn’t it? Yeah, that was bad, but it doesn’t rise to the level of desecrating a memorial to him. I mean, Jackson also performed “Smooth Criminal” so I think he should get some kind of credit for that. It’s also a moot point because this star isn’t for that Michael Jackson.

When Paris says this star is “not his actual star,” what she means is that this star on Vine Street is the star honoring KABC talk radio host Michael Jackson, which is why it has the old-style radio microphone on it. Michael Jackson the singer’s star in on Hollywood Boulevard and has an image of a vinyl record to denote that he’s being honored as a musician.

Maybe the star was defaced by one of Jackson’s enemies from his days on talk radio? I’m sure he made a lot them with his… legendary civility and politeness. Or not. Someone just defaced the wrong Michael Jackson’s star.

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