Robert De Niro Yells ‘F**K Trump’ Onstage at the Tony Awards

Get ready for a Donald Trump tweetstorm. Robert De Niro introduced Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards, but before he did, he made sure to tell President Trump what he thought. Once he walked to the microphone, he only needed a few words to get the whole Tony Awards crowd standing.

I’m gonna say one thing. F**k Trump!

Then he flexed and the crowd lost their s**t. Most everyone cheered and stood up, giving De Niro an ovation. The rest of the people couldn’t stand because of their raging erections for any anti-Trump sentiment. Then De Niro continued:

It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump!’ It’s just F**k Trump!

The U.S. crowd got their feed censored, but luckily Australia isn’t afraid of some coarse language.

Watch it here:

De Niro reaaaally dislikes Trump. He’s called him an idiot, a punk, a dog, a pig, a con, the jack-off-in-chief and the baby-in-chief, and says he’d like to punch him in the face.

I’m taking De Niro in a fight.

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