Samuel L. Jackson Laughs at Your Attempts to Get Him Banned From Twitter

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t let little things or public opinion stop him from being who he is, which is why he’s the coolest guy in Hollywood. The dude wears Kangol hats in public and doesn’t care. He has his own product line with Kangol. I don’t know he manages to make wearing an embarrassing grandpa golf hat cool, but he does, because he’s Sam Jackson.

On President Trump’s birthday, Jackson made a real dad joke of a tweet that some people found homophobic, mainly because it is a little homophobic.

It’s not a great joke, and people don’t like metaphors that equate subservience to sex, especially gay sex. I know what you’re going for, but it’s a real ‘Welcome to Yuk-Yuks in 1985 now how about that airplane food’ kind of joke. Though when you’re the coolest guy around, you can make dad jokes and it’s fine.

Well, mostly fine, because the fake outrage rolled in right on cue. The same people who have been trying for over 20 years to have a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage are now suddenly very offended that this might read as homophobic, and won’t someone do something about this gay bashing?

For example, Adam Baldwin took a break from explaining how it’s good that we’re putting the children of asylum seekers into concentration camps to make a now-deleted tweet responding to Jackson that said “Gay shaming?” Baldwin once said, on the subject of same-sex marriage, “What’s wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties?”

But I’m sure he’s against homophobia now and not just concern trolling to try and get Jackson in trouble for saying something mean about his #mcm.

Jackson took to Instagram to make a statement about the people who had reported his comment to Twitter, along with a message from Twitter saying his tweet didn’t violate Twitter’s rules.

It does read like it was written by a guy in his 70s, which it was, but “#prollycan’taffordthemints” is pretty good for a dad joke.

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