The People Trolling Trump Aide Stephen Miller Are the Only Human Contact He’s Ever Had

Immigration is as difficult an issue for a country to address. It is reasonable to argue in favor of changes to policy to allow more or less people into the country, and to have disagreements as to what a reasonable policy for someone wanting to enter the country is. But everyone can pretty much agree that ripping families apart and putting children in camps is bad. Everyone, that is, except Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump who looks like he jacks off to car crashes like in that Cronenberg film Crash.

Miller is one of the architects of the family separation policy that Donald Trump presumably ended yesterday, even though the end of the policy didn’t mean that families would be reunited. Because of this, Gizmodo vertical The Splinter published Miller’s phone number, just in case anyone needed to get a hold of him. It’s a public service, if you think about it.

Turns out people did need to get a hold of him.

I would give you his number in case you needed to ge a hold of him for something, but he had to get a new phone number. Now we’ll never know if he got all those Squidward dick pics.

But I wouldn’t worry about those immigrant kids anymore, Melania Trump, or, as her husband calls her, Melanie, made a trip to the border to check on the kids and make sure they’re okay. This is great news as everyone has been appealing to her sense of decency, she’s a mother, of course she will have a heart and make her husband stop with his borderline-fascist policies.

Oh gee, who would have thought someone who married Donald Trump would be fucking terrible?

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