14 Year Marriage Ends Over World Cup Argument

The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Much like the Olympics, every four years countries from around the world put their differences aside and come together to beat England. People who aren’t American get very passionate about the World Cup, making social media so unusable that I now have an opinion on the Fair Play rule.

The Daily Mirror reports that a Russian couple got into such a heated argument over the World Cup that the husband left and filed for divorce. What was the argument about, you ask? He said that Argentina’s Lionel Messi was better than Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and she disagreed.

After telling the newspaper that the couple had fallen in love when they met in a bar whilst watching the 2002 World Cup, he said: “Since the beginning of the World Cup, she mocked Messi and said he couldn’t even score a penalty against Iceland.

“I could not contain myself and told her what I thought about the vain Ronaldo, the Portuguese national team and all the clubs she likes.

“Then I took my belongings and left her forever.”

That is harsh. They had been together for 16 years, married for 14 of them, and he left her over a soccer game. I would like to end this story with a joke about who the real best soccer player is, but I literally only know David Beckham and Pelé. So instead I’m going to end with a story I heard about Pelé. Last week, a Russian reporter at the World Cup asked Pelé if he thought the 1970s Brazilian team he played on could beat today’s Argentina squad, and Pelé replied that yes, he thought his team would win 1-0. When the reporter asked why only 1-0, Pelé answered “Well, most of us are over 75 years old now.”

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5 years ago

Messi is the most overrated player of all time, Ronaldo ftw.