50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Argue Over Which Millionaire Is More Broke

Floyd Mayweather had to rebound after getting owned in a celebrity basketball game. So he went after easy target and former friend 50 Cent.

Floyd picks the low hanging fruit by calling 50 broke, but does drop a potential bombshell that 50 has herpes.

So quick to gossip like a Bitch, why don’t you tell everybody how you got Herpes from DJ.

This post is way too damn long though. You’d think for a guy who can’t read/write, he’d be brief.

King of Instagram 50 Cent wasn’t going to let this slide. First, he revealed Floyd’s original Insta tweet, before an editor got a hold of it.

This makes a lot of sense.

Next, he lets everyone know that this is going to be a slow and torturous beef.

Like Floyd, he has plenty of ammo, starting with all of Mayweather’s domestic violence cases.

Not afraid of his woman abusing past being drudged up, Floyd kept at it.

Man, remember when 50 was anorexic? That picture blew my mind when it first hit the internet. Also, Floyd spends way too much on an outdated device. He probably uses his phone to check the time anyway. 50 used this post against Floyd.

Nothing like two millionaires arguing over money.

Unless this ends in a fight, what are we even doing? Put this on pay-per-view, charge everyone $100, and get out of debt together. I’d buy 50’s chances against Floyd more than I bought Conor McGregor’s.

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