Ariana Grande Is Staying With Pete Davidson Despite Some People Being Mad About the Manchester Joke He Made

I feel like a segment of our population have lost the ability to laugh almost entirely sometimes, and not just the Christians and the Muslims. It seems like there’s not a week that goes by without someone being mad at a comedian for making a joke. This has been going on roughly forever, or a least since Lenny Bruce was arrested for obscenity because people were offended by the things he was saying.

Today’s outrage is about how Ariana Grande’s fiance Pete Davidson once made a joke about the Manchester bombing at her concert. It’s an okay joke about how the bombing must have made her realize she was a big star because “Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert.” Not the best joke I’ve ever heard, but as gallows humor goes, not bad. It’s not as funny as the bit in the Justin Bieber roast where he talks about how his dad was killed in the 9/11 terror attack, then turns to Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg and says “Soul Plane was the worst experience of my life involving a plane,” but it’s okay.

If people want to be mad about it, that’s fine, people are mad about all sorts of stupid s**t all the time. For example, a few days ago some lady wrote a 300-word essay about how Not Mad she was that I made a joke about her stupid Harry Potter tweet. But the number of people telling Ariana Grande she should break up with Pete because he made a joke they don’t like boggles my mind.

Of course, Ariana isn’t having any of it, though she says she thinks it was “unfortunate.”

She was a lot nicer than I would have been in her place. If someone told me I should break up with my girlfriend because she told a joke they don’t like, I would have written a 25-tweet thread insinuating that they perform the act of physical love with their own mother and inviting them to perform it alone.

While I respect Ariana’s viewpoint, let me give you mine. Pete Davidson doesn’t owe you an apology. Pete Davidson doesn’t owe you anything. His joke hurt your feelings? Too bad. And trying to get his fiancée to break up with him because you’re butthurt is pathetic. If any comedian should apologize for anything, then Hannah Gadsby should apologize for Nanette. Not because it was offensive, but for all the takes about how much better stand-up comedy is when it doesn’t worry about things like “telling jokes” or “being funny” and is basically just The Moth Story Hour.

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