British Woman Uses Voodoo to Create Sex Trafficking Ring

Voodoo is a real thing, folks.

Josephine Iyamu was convicted on sex trafficking charges after bringing women from Nigeria to Europe and forcing them to work as prostitutes to repay their debt. She charged the women roughly $44,000 in travel fees.

Iyamu talked her victims into repaying their debts instead of going to the police by forcing to to participate in Voodoo ceremonies.

Prosecutors say the ceremony gave Iyamu psychological control over the women. They were forced to drink blood with worms, eat chicken hearts and cut their skin during the ceremony. Sounds like an episode of Fear Factor gone wrong.

Look, if you are forced to take a blood oath at a voodoo ceremony, that’s bond. You simply can never go back on that. Doing so would be far worse than having sex with random men and women to repay a debt.

Iyamu will face 14 years in prison. If she’s able to finish a plate of pig testicles and drink a gallon of cows blood, she could get her sentence reduced by five years.

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