Brock Lesnar and DC Cut a Promo That’s Going to Make Them Rich

After Daniel Cormier slept Stipe Miocic Saturday night at UFC 226, he became only the second person in the UFC to become a two division champ. The first was Conor McGregor who hasn’t fought since being knocked around by Floyd Mayweather. DC is now both the light heavyweight and heavyweight champ and when you’re champ of the top 2 weight classes, there’s only one fight left to make to cement your bank account legacy; a fight with the jacked white boy superstar from WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Having ended the reign of Stipe with a short right hook, DC took the mic from Joe Rogan and called out Brock who lumbered into the ring like a neckless dinosaur. In a piece of kayfabe becoming more common in the UFC, Brock pushed DC, spat into the mic about how shitty Francis Ngannou (he was) and Stipe(he wasn’t) were and and told DC he was coming for him. Then he broke a camera.

Smiling ear to ear knowing he was going to be pissing gold soon, Dana White separated his two bags of money from injuring each other before the fight. And now we wait until one of them trips over a cable and injures themselves during fight week.

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