David Hasselhoff Married a Model Half His Age in Italy

Did you know that David Hasselhoff was on Baywatch? I watched that show all the time when I was a teenager and I never noticed him, not even once. I guess something must have grabbed my attention when I was watching it or something. I did remember seeing him inĀ Knight Rider, though. Man, the 80s were crazy. There was a TV show about a guy who argued with his snarky car and that guy was supposed to be super cool.

It turns out that being in crappy TV shows 30 years ago and being the worst Nick Fury is good enough to get a model to marry you, because Fox News is reporting that Hasselhoff married Hayley Roberts, who is 28 years younger than he is. Which, I mean, respect. I thought Hasselhoff would have to meet his next wife in Germany, the only country where he’s still famous, and those people are into some weird stuff. Glass table weird. Luckily, it all worked out for him.

Yeah, that Nick Fury thing really happened. Imagine how much worse the Marvel films would be if this was canon.

The couple first met seven years ago when Hasselhoff was a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent.” He was filming auditions at a hotel and Roberts approached him for an autograph. He said he’d only give it to her if she gave him her phone number.

If this relationship had gone the other way this meet-cute would be a tweet ending in #metoo.

If you’re curious about what the new Mrs. Hasselhoff looks like, here are some pictures from her Instagram.

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