Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Turned into Inconvenient Pothole

A hero with a pickaxe took it upon himself to remodel the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The rubble you see used to be Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame. Now, it’s a giant pothole on the sidewalk that will take the Los Angeles Department of Transportation at least two years to fill.

The man turned himself in after he tore up the star and is now in custody. Unlike our president, he has a conscious.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s star has been destroyed. Back in 2016, a man built a wall around the star, hoping to protect it from the drug dealing and rapist tourists.

That same year, James Lambert Otis took a sledgehammer and pickaxe to the star, but didn’t do nearly the damage of Wednesday’s vandal. Earlier this month, George Lopez made his own pee tape with Trump’s star.

Maybe the Hollywood Historic Trust should give Trump his $30,000 deposit back and replace his star with someone more worthy. Like Farrah Abraham.

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