Elon Musk Thinks Not Liking His Dumb Sub No One Wanted Makes You a Pedophile

Elon Musk is still really mad that the Thailand boys’ soccer team was rescued from the cave they were trapped in by experienced divers using experience and situational awareness and not his stupid toy sub. He’s so mad, in fact, that he called one of the rescue divers who said his sub was a distraction a pedophile based solely on the fact that he moved to Thailand from the UK.

It started when New York Times opinion writer published an op-ed proposing that Elon Musk and the rest of Silicon Valley should note that sometimes good old-fashioned know-how is a better solution to a problem than building a shiny new untested thing. In a series of tweets, she also mentioned that diver Vern Unsworth, the guy who devised the plan that actually saved the kids, said Musk’s sub was “a P.R. stunt” and had no chance of actually working.

Elon Musk saw this series of tweets and was livid. He started off by claiming that the divers who rescued the kids didn’t actually do anything and that the engineers who pumped the water out of the cave did all the work, and the boys could have just waltzed out unassisted. 

He’s seriously claiming that the people who actually went into the cave and brought out the boys who were trapped inside are the ones who are trying to hog the spotlight they don’t deserve while he and his stupid sub are heroes.

But Musk didn’t end there. He went on to imply and later flat-out state that Vern Unsworth is a pedophile based solely on the fact that he’s a British person who lives in Thailand. Because in Elon Musk’s mind, there’s apparently no reason to go to Asia other than to molest children.

Musk then doubled down on this when someone called him out on it.

He later deleted these tweets, presumably to avoid a defamation lawsuit. But while everyone is so focused on the defamation aspect of Musk’s baseless claim that no one has even gotten around to talking about how racist it is. In Elon’s mind, the only reason to go to Asia is to molest children. Like, there’s no chance anyone going there would fall in love with the scenery, the people and the culture, it’s only pedophiles.

I don’t know what made Elon Musk like this, but I do know that nobody with a fully-grown big boy penis has his need to put himself at the center of something like this when he wasn’t even involved. I’m guessing he carries a My Buddy doll out of a toy cave as foreplay and makes Grimes yell “Oh yes, you’re a hero, you rescued all those kids single-handedly” during sex.

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