Farrah Abraham Is a Boxer Now, So At Least We’ll Get to See Someone Punch Her

Man, Farrah Abraham will do pretty much anything to be in the public eye and avoid getting a real job. I’m saying that and I’m a writer, so imagine what the threshold is there for a second. Abraham says she’s boxing to raise awareness for anti-bullying, which seems like a great idea. How better to bring awareness to the issue of bullying then to have some C-list celebrities beat the s**t out of each other?

Abraham said that she was “Floyd Mayweather stepping in the ring for the women,” at one point. I can see how that’s a valid comparison, seeing as how she’ll be punching women, Mayweather is probably a good comparison.

Abraham is training with Jeremy Jackson and she hasn’t found an opponent yet, but she suggested Morgan Freeman, saying he bullied her off of Teen Mom. I wonder if there’s any other reason someone would want to punch Freeman in the face?

Personally, I’d like to see her fight Logan Paul. I’ll bet she could beat him, and I want to see if knocking him out releases Chloe Bennet from whatever kind of hypnosis he has her under.

You may recall Abraham signing with a wrestling promotion about a week ago. I don’t know what she’s going through, but we’re about to have more than ways than ever to see Abraham get the crap kicked out of her. What a time to be alive.

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