Farrah Abraham Wants No Smoke with Drita D’Avanzo

Farrah Abraham is training for her pro wrestling debut and charity boxing bout. Yes, those are real things that are happening. When asked whom she would like to fight, Abraham named fellow Teen Mom stars and even show producers. The only person she named by name was Mob Wives alum Drita D’Avanzo.

D’Avanzo sounded more than happy to oblige in her response.

😂😂🤦‍♀️ Listen up #horseface I called u out..n u called a lawyer!!…are u gonna have a cop as the referee 2????????????🤔 I dont want u wearing headgear!..i dont want a referee stopping anything!…I rather be on the streets. I told I I’d pay u to come meet me…since u are so desperate to use my name to make a dollar. Howeva I have a better idea…i love boxing but when it comes to u I rather fight in a cage #ufc style…. I’m tired of people talking s**t…then calling lawyers and cops once s**t gets real. Wanna do it legit…no a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal. Give me the date and time!!! I’m here! I’m ready. #payperview #ufc #boxing #slapabitch #catchtheslap #horseface #piglet #hooka #orderofprotection #desperate 4 #attention #copcaller #rat #farrahabraham

You know, the UFC is so desperate for pay-per-view buys right now, that they would probably pay a commission to sanction this fight. Also, way too many hashtags. You can’t be a horseface, a rat and a piglet. Pig and horse DNA just don’t splice.

The Blast reported Damon Feldman, the promoter for Abraham’s upcoming charity boxing match, has been in talks with D’Avanzo about a potential fight.

However, Abraham is already running scared. She told US Weekly:

Bullies aren’t allowed in the ring. This is for anti-bullying. I look forward to boxing someone with integrity so it’s a great match for everyone to watch. I encourage all bullies to watch the match. They could learn something from this.

Wait, is she encouraging bullies to watch and learn how to not fight? This is either next level genius or flat out stupid. Given the source, let’s go with the latter.

In case you are wondering why these two don’t like each other, it’s because D’Avanzo was, according to Abraham, “acting unprofessionally” at a recent appearance together. When D’Avanzo threatened to “smack the f**k out” out of Abraham, the Teen Mom star filed a restraining order.

Abraham’s boxing match is scheduled to go down in November, although an opponent has yet to be revealed. $5 on the fight never happening.

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