Floyd Mayweather Sucks at Basketball, Cries About It

Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all-time. Too bad punching people in the face doesn’t help you on the basketball court. Well, most of the time.

Participating in a celebrity game, Mayweather tried to show off his silky smooth jump shot. He did everything right. He had the ball, he saw the hoop, he tried to score. One problem.

Brittney Elena was in his way.

Elena is famous for her appearances on Wild ‘N Out and for being extremely attractive.

Elena was rumored to be dating Kevin Durant last year, which would explain her defensive prowess. Hopefully she didn’t switch teams at halftime.

The best part of the video by far is Mayweather crying for a foul after the block. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he was the one who dated Durant.

Get back on defense, dude.

Things didn’t get any better for Mayweather, who also got crossed up by R&B star Tank.

When asked if he felt embarrassed by getting blocked by a model and shook by a tank, Floyd just laughed and showed everyone his bank account.

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