‘F**k Batman’: The Terrible New Titans Trailer From Comic-Con

Oooh boy. Warner Brothers announced a while back that they were creating a TV series based on the New Teen Titans comics for their coming DC Comics boutique streaming service, dubbed DC Universe. Today at Comic-Con, we got our first look at the series with the release of the official trailer.

So yeah, to prove how grown-up and adult this Teen Titans show is, we’ve got Robin saying “F**k Batman” after killing a bunch of dudes with a gun. There’s some symbolism there as killing people and using guns are two of Batman’s big moral no-nos. They’ve also gone with a street prostitute look for Starfire, which is an interesting choice. Personally, I preferred it when Robin’s acting out was limited to his insane disco costume.

Man, look at that. That is some quality 1980s comic-bookmanship right there. That’s why I read this stuff.

The “F**k Batman” line is so stupid it’s absolutely going to be a meme. It’s the same thing that happened the last time someone decided that the way to make their story centered on a guy dressed like a giant bat more adult was to introduce some gratuitous, out-of-character profanity into the mix.

Never change, Frank Miller. By which I mean continue not taking whatever meds you went off while you were working on Sin City. At least All-Star Batman and Robin was only $3, DC Universe is charging $8 a month for this crap. Seriously, you can get Netflix or Hulu for that price.

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