‘Full House’ House in San Francisco No Longer Open to Tourists

I have a little secret for you about the Full House house in San Francisco; Full House wasn’t filmed there. They filmed a few establishing shots at 1709 Broderick Street and just reused those for the entire run of the show. The actual Full House house is on the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Los Angeles and it only has 2 1/2 walls.

That hasn’t stopped the San Francisco rowhouse from becoming a tourist destination, however. The people who live on the block have had 30 years of your bullshit stopping to take pictures and asking to meet the Olsen Twins or whatever, and they’re sick of it. Me, I want to meet Andrea Barber, but I’ve always had a thing for weird girls like Kimmy Gibbler. But now with Fuller House attracting a whole new generation of annoying tourists, the city of San Francisco has finally done something by banning tour buses from the street. No vehicles with more than 9 seats are allowed to even drive by the Tanner family house anymore.

But again, the Tanner family doesn’t actually live there because they’re fictional and the house is just a house, it doesn’t even look like the set from the inside. Well, that’s a lie, it might look like the set on the inside because when it went up for sale last year, Full House creator Jeff Franklin bought it and planned to remodel it to match the Full House set on the inside, but that was before he got fired for non-sexual misconduct. And maybe it’s just me, but are we living in strange times when someone gets fired and you’re relieved they’re just an asshole and not a rapist.

Interestingly enough, the Full House street used in establishing shots doesn’t actually have the Broderick house on it; it’s a block on Steiner Street called “Postcard Row,” a little over a mile away from the house.

Regardless, if you want to take a picture in front of the Full House house, you’ll need to go there on foot and not bother the neighbors, and don’t expect to see any of the cast members while you’re there. But if you do run into Andrea Barber, tell her I said “How you doin’?” And like, not just on Broederick Street, just in general. People I make fun of are always finding these articles, I might as well use my powers for good. And by good, I mean meeting an actress I had a crush on in middle school.

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