Jenny McCarthy Thought Her Google Home Was a Ghost

There’s really nothing funnier than the combination of technology and idiots. You get some really great moments in mean laughter when you combine those two factors. Until today, I thought the height of famous people doing stupid things with technology was The Goldbergs Writer Matt Mira running himself over with a golf cart. I know a golf cart isn’t the most advanced technology, but if you showed it to a Puritan in 17th century New England they’d have burned you at the stake, so I think it’s good enough.

Man, that is never not going to be funny. But it is no longer the king of dumb celebrities doing stupid s**t videos. The mantle has been passed to Jenny McCarthy thinking her Google Home is a ghost.

Yes, certified non-genius Jenny McCarthy totally panicked because she didn’t remember what her Google Home sounded like when she turned it on, and her first thought was that her house was haunted. Not “which one of the multitude of devices that I own made a noise,” no, she went straight to ghost. You know, there’s no correlation between vaccines and autism, but there’s a strong correlation to being against vaccines and being a fucking moron.

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