Kneeling in the NFL Is Worse Than Sexual Assault

The Miami Dolphins plan to take further action against those who dare kneel during the National Anthem. According to the Associated Press, the Dolphins may suspend players for taking a knee while someone butchers the anthem.

Players can be suspended for up to four games.

Let’s update our “NFL Suspensions” Big Board:

– Potentially deflating footballs in a game you would won by 20: four-game suspension
– Kneeling during the National Anthem to protest violence against minorities: four-game suspension
– Inappropriately groping a female Uber driver: three-game suspension

Yup, sexual assault gets you less games than peacefully kneeling before a game.

The Dolphins can suspend players under the premise of “conduct detrimental to the club.” Nothing hurts the team more than kneeling instead of standing before the coin toss. I bet if players say they are kneeling as a way to honor the anthem, the rich white owners would not have a problem with it.

Teams had to submit their “anthem policy” prior to training camp. Thus far, only the Dolphins have submitted their paperwork. Looking forward to more teams outing themselves as racists in the coming weeks.

Be better, NFL.

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