Kylie Jenner’s Lips Have Returned to Human Proportion

After years of having her lips plumped up with… god only knows, my best guess is that stuff they use to patch flat tires… Kylie Jenner has let her lips deflate to a size that matches her face.

The big reveal came from this post Jenner made on Instagram.

She looks really good, honestly. I don’t think Kylie Jenner has ever looked so good. In the comments section, a fan said she looked “like the old Kylie” and Jenner revealed it was because she got rid of her filler.

Here’s what Jenner used to look like with her lips filled.

See, here’s the problem with getting your lips filled versus having naturally full lips. They don’t suit your face. Kylie Jenner never looked like she had full, sexy lips, she looked like she had just gotten stung by a bee.

Now she actually looks like a person. Which she may or may not actually be, I’m still not convinced that the entire Kardashian family aren’t robots Alan Dershowitz built using his O.J. Simpson money in a really misguided plot for world domination. Put them on TV and make everyone so stupid that they’d actually vote for Alan, but unfortunately the experiment worked too well.

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