Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Have a Sex Pact

Liam Hemsworth is boring in bed and Miley Cyrus wants to change that.

According to Radar Online, Cyrus and Hemsworth have engaged in a “sex pact” to help spice up their life in the bedroom.

“They pledge to increase the sex because she likes to get a little wild sometimes,” said a source.

Miley being a freak in the sheets is the least surprising news ever.

Along with wanting crazier sex, the pact includes “spending 21 hours together a week” and “14 hours of personal time.” Yeah, if you have to agree on how much time you’re spending together and apart, you should probably just remain apart.

Rumors of the two splitting ramped up earlier this month when Cyrus deleted all of her Instagram photos. They tried to put the rumors to bed with a video shared on their Instagram stories.

I’m not saying Liam’s lack of rhythm carries over to the bedroom. But I’m not, not saying it either.

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