Mark Hamill Pretended to Have Dressed Up as Darth Donald Trump at Comic-Con

If you were at Comic-Con this weekend, you may have come across a cosplayer in an orange Darth Vader mask with a Donald Trump wig glued to it and a “Make The Death Star Great Again” polo shirt. It’s pretty hilarious. He even had an orange golf club.

Well, for a while the internet believed that Orange Vader was none other than Mark Hamill, the one and only voice of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. I think he was in some space movie, too. The actor even confirmed the rumor on Twitter.

But it wasn’t actually him, it was a cosplayer named James Cherry.

Hamill spent the entire weekend hinting that he may or may not be at Comic-Con.

But it seems like Mark spent Comic-Con at home this year. I can’t actually blame him for it, those crowds can be rough.

Look on the bright side, though; you may not have gotten a picture with Mark Hamill in a mask, but you did get a picture with a guy in a Donald Trump Darth Vader costume, and that’s pretty cool, too.

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