New York Times Fails to Be Funny with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Cartoon

The relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has always been curious. But the New York Times pulled no punches in their latest satirical piece.

The video combines real soundbites from our President with a the artist’s interpretation of their relationship. There’s French kissing, nipple tweaking, and the implication of killing anyone who may disagree with their relationship.

Very few thought this was funny.

The original tweet has 873 likes to 2,800-plus replies. That’s called being ratio’d, my friends.

As always, this could have been forgiven if there was some humor. The video itself simply wasn’t funny. It was like the creators just watched the “Fat Butt and Pancake Head” episode of South Park and decided to re-create the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez scenes with 100 percent less humor.

You don’t have to be better, NYT. Just be funnier.

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